January 2019

• The purpose of the club is to play wallyball, meet our neighbors, have fun, and get exercise.

• Membership is open to all Sun City Oro Valley residents. SCOV resident members are permitted to bring guests.

• Activities are: Playing Wallyball (currently 2 skill levels) Recreational and Competitive.

• Recreational Wallyball will be played in the racquetball court of the Aquatic and Fitness Center on Wednesdays and Fridays 1-3pm, and Advanced/Competitive Wallyball will be played at the same location on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1-3pm. Recreational days are open to all interested residents. Advanced/Competitive days are open to those who qualify based on club rules.

• The club will have a President, Vice-President, and Secretary/Treasurer. Positions will be filled annually by a voice vote. The President must be a Full-Time SCOV Resident and the positions may be held for no more than two consecutive years.

• The term of the officers will begin each one to two years on January 1st.

• There will be an annual meeting held sometime in November or December.

• The agenda will include the election of new officers and the annual treasurer’s report.

• Wallyball officers may hold member meetings as needed whereas updates and/or changes may be discussed and/or voted upon.

• Club officers may meet anytime throughout the year to discuss club activities, promotions, issues, etc.

• Rules will be kept and monitored/enforced by the officer(s) for each term.

• Aside from the officers, the Wallyball Club has an elected panel of three competitive players that are in place to help preserve the integrity of competitive play and provide instruction to recreational players as needed. This includes, but is not limited to determining qualifying individuals to participate competitively. Panel positions may be held up to, but no more than five consecutive years.

• All dues will be collected annually by the treasurer on or about January 1st. The dues will be $5.00 per person. The financial records will be kept in a normal ledger format. Sun City Oro Valley residents interested in joining the club may play twice before dues must be paid.

• All purchases for the club must be approved by at least two officers of the club.

• All records for the club will be kept for seven years; old records will be discarded.

• All members will either sign in or be logged in on a name list by an officer at all meetings in order to show an accurate number of members in attendance.