• On serve, the ball cannot hit any wall

• The ball can only be hit 3 times per side

• Permissible ball handling: open hand hit; 1 or 2 hands simultaneously (no scooping or carrying), traditional bump/pass, traditional set, and traditional spike and blocking.

• In addition to the above, the play is dead and the ball turns over to the other team if:

◦ The ball hits the ceiling and drops into opposing side

◦ Any player crosses over the center line under the net into opposing side of court during play

◦ Any player touches the net during play

◦ Any player double hits the ball

◦ Any player hits the ball with double fists/knuckles

◦ Any player kicks the ball

◦ The ball hits the back wall uninterrupted from opposing side

◦ The ball hits two consecutive walls uninterrupted from opposing side

• If the ball hits the ceiling and returns to the same side of the court where the hit originated, it can remain in play if still within the 3-hit per side rule

• Reaching over the top to hit/tap the ball is permissible as long as the player does not make contact with the net

• Points are earned only when your team wins a play that they have served. No point is earned when ball is turned over

• Teams consist of 3 to 5 players per side (total of 6 to 10 players on the court at a time) 4 players per side is preferred

• Safety: All players must maintain safety in the court at all times. If any player behaves in a way that is unsafe, they may be ejected from the game.

◦ No jewelry shall be worn during play that could cause harm to any players. Watches and bracelets are not permitted (wedding bands are acceptable if they are not tall or sharp. Fitbits or the like may be worn if they have no sharp edges and pose no safety threat)

◦ Appropriate gym/court attire must be worn. Non-marking gym/court shoes are mandatory

• All players should maintain civility and respect toward one another. Anyone behaving in a way that is not constructive to the game or other players may be ejected from the game. If any player shows inconsistency in his/her willingness or ability to play by the rules, play safely, and/or maintain civility and respect toward others, he/she may be subject to membership redetermination (This includes any member causing dissension, antagonizing, and/or making trouble)

• In order to be considered for competitive play, one must exhibit the following:

◦ Advanced skill level (Consists of players/teams with a superior knowledge of the game and rules. Skill levels range from Experienced to Professionally Trained Athletes. All players understand rotational sequence, offensive concepts, and defensive positions and can apply them in competition. Game and player strategies are well understood (i.e., running offensive plays, identifying opponent weaknesses, reading opponents plays during volley, etc.) and the game is run at a high tempo.

◦ Consistently play the ball off the side wall without letting it drop to the floor

◦ Consistently anticipate where ball may travel from teammate or opposing team and be quick enough to advance toward it

◦ Observe and anticipate plays to back-up team mates and/or rotate as complex plays may take teammates out of position

◦ Physical strength to be able to power a ball off the back wall over the net if needed during play

◦ Ability to squat and bend low to “dig” the ball moving fast toward the floor

◦ Quick reaction time and good hand-eye coordination to follow and track the ball in play

◦ Ability to jump and block a ball at the net

◦ Handle constructive criticism and be coachable

◦ Consistently behave sportsmanly and respectfully, the understanding of all the advanced rules which includes exhibiting advanced form and ball handling, the understanding of teamwork , and be willing to work constructively with teammates on strategy for competition.